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Parsonage-Turner syndrome as a side effect of booster vaccination

A 50-year-old man visited a primary care clinic with persistent right arm pain and weakness lasting for 9 weeks. These symptoms began 5 days after receiving a mRNA COVID-19 booster vaccination in his right deltoid. The patient experienced a moderate-to-severe ache at the injection site, radiating to his neck. Over time, he developed progressive weakness in his right shoulder and elbow, along with occasional hand paresthesia.  Despite reporting his symptoms to Malaysian equivalent of VAERS database, the patient sought medical attention only after 9 weeks when his symptoms worsened to the point where he needed assistance with daily activities. He had no other symptoms or relevant medical history, except for completing two doses of an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine 7 months prior. Physical examination revealed muscle wasting in the affected areas without skin changes or tenderness. Neurological evaluations, including nerve conduction studies and electromyography, indicated axonal loss rathe

May Update on COVID-19

Nobody is counting vaccine doses anymore. But COVID-19 is still here, remaining among the top five leading cause of death for older and immunocompromised individuals.  The national public health emergency in the US is set to end on May 11, 2023, with the last states to end statewide emergency orders being New Mexico on March 31 and Rhode Island on April 10, followed by Texas and Connecticut. However, recent events such as the CDC's April 24-27 Epidemic Intelligence Service conference in Atlanta have shown that the virus is still spreading. At least 35 people who attended the conference tested positive for COVID-19, as confirmed by spokesperson  Kristen Nordlund .  According to CDC, Atlanta has a low COVID-19 community level, along with nearly the rest of the U.S. In February,  Dr Deepti Gurdasani   reported her breakthrough case, despite six COVID-19 vaccine doses. Are these repeated doses even helping? There is some evidence they might be helping solid transplant recipients. One s