Vaccinated 71-year-old male dies from breakthrough COVID-19 on the 2nd day of symptom onset

Of the 15 family members that gathered on Thanksgiving, 10 ended up getting COVID. Three of them — one vaccinated, another unvaccinated and the third one with unknown vaccination status — would die of the disease. 

68-year-old double-vaccinated (but not boosted; ~8 months after her 2nd shot) female started feeling sick on the second day after the event. Next day she was treated at a local hospital and discharged shortly after. On the 6th day she broke her shoulder but did not remember how it happened. Other family members still felt fine at that time. On the 9th day she was admitted to the hospital. She would end up hospitalized at a hospital and a rehab facility for 17 days. 

71-year-old double-vaccinated (but not boosted, ~8 months after his 2nd shot) overweight male started to feel unwell on the 7th day and died on the 9th day - while sitting in his easy chair shortly before an ambulance arrived to take his wife and son to the hospital.

Unvaccinated 47-year-old overweight male was admitted to intensive care on the 9th day from the event. He died on the 10th day of hospitalization, after been put on a respirator, suffering from kidney failure.

The 76-year-old male was the third fatality. He died on the 19th day of the event. 


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