COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries including three myocarditis-induced deaths in New Zealand

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) of New Zealand has accepted 987 claims for injuries relating to the Covid-19 vaccine, and 68% of those are women. Between the beginning of New Zealand’s vaccine program in February 2021 and April 2, 2022, ACC received 2522 claims, with 987 being accepted, and 297 are still pending. During this period, ACC paid out $1.12 million in compensation. 

ACC had accepted 186 claims related to allergic reactions, 103 claims for sprains, 102 claims for contusions.

There were 77 accepted claims for cardiac injury, such as myocarditis or pericarditis.

In terms of age, the group that lodged the greatest number of claims were those in the 45-49 age bracket. Ethnicity data showed 71% of claims lodged with ACC were from Pākehā, and 9% Māori.

Of the 1238 rejected claims, 973 were turned down because ACC deemed there was no injury, and in 119 cases there was no causal link to the vaccine.

Three claims have been made for fatal injury – all due to myocarditis all have been accepted.

The diseased were a female in her 50s, a 26-year-old male and a teenager

The death a of 13-year-old child, which has been reported to the coroner, was discussed at length, however further information is required before a determination on the role of the vaccine can be made. A further statement will be made when that information is available.


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