72-year old woman dies from breakthrough COVID-19 shortly upon admission to a hospital

A fully vaccinated and boosted 72-year old woman spent 30 hours in emergency room due to a lack of beds on COVID wards.

She was then inappropriately transferred to a ward.

Her condition deteriorated en route and she died upon arrival.

The hospital denied claims by its own staff that she may have been killed by a loose connection on a portable oxygen machine.

All Covid-19 patients ill enough to need oxygen were eligible to receive Tocilizumab – an immunosuppressant known to reduce COVID mortality. The patient was waiting for this drug for two years for her arthritis. She couldn’t get it because there was a shortage, since supplies were being diverted for COVID patients.

When she became a COVID-19 patient, she had to wait for approval for 15 more hours.  She died about 19 hours after she became eligible for the drug that she never received.






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