17-year old boy suddenly dies one month after adverse reaction to BNT162b2 vaccine

On the morning of September 27 2021, a 17-year-old boy was found dead on the floor beside his bed.

The autopsy disclosed a “slightly enlarged heart,” but there was no indication of a cardiac condition at the time. 

Father of the boy obtained a second assessment after being dissatisfied with the findings of the initial autopsy and forwarded the autopsy report to “a second well-known pathologist in Canada who wants to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job.”

He was informed by the pathologist that “the vaccine did kill [his] son.”

Myocarditis and other post-vaccination heart problems are widespread in those who have gotten the Pfizer vaccine, with young males having a substantially higher frequency of post-vaccination heart problems than those who have had a COVID infection.

The  teenager had acquired the vaccine in attempt to pursue hockey, due to proof of vaccination obligations imposed by minor hockey clubs across the province. Although the local government at the period did not mandate someone under the age of 18 to provide it, players aged 12 and up were asked to produce documentation of full vaccination in order to play.

“He took a year off for COVID and he got extremely bored sitting in his bedroom. He decided to go back to hockey this year, and to do that he had to have a vaccination to play hockey,” 

“He got his first shot of Pfizer on August 25,” “Went to the hospital on August 29 with a bad reaction, he got sent home with only a prescription for Advil, he had a rash all over his neck and face and brown circles around his eyes.”








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