Vaccinated and boosted 75-year old dies from COVID-19 in the BA.5 wave

75-year old man who thought to be the longest-serving inmate in solitary confinement, having survived 43 years in a 6ft x 9ft cell in one of America's most brutal prisons, has died aged 75 from complications caused by Covid-19. 

He was released in 2016 on his 69th birthday and went on with his life, wrote a remarkable memoir, won an American book award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer price. 

Early July 2022, despite being vaccinated and boosted, he contracted COVID-19. He got better, but started to experience shortness of breath in the end of July and was taken to the hospital.

He got fluid in his lungs. It cleared up with medicine, but that aggravated his heart. Once his heart seemed better, his kidney function dwindled. Scans showed that he had developed blood clots and had begun suffering strokes. 

Doctors thought he would pull through, but he was intubated and never regained consciousness.



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