Bipolar disorder after COVID-19

55-year-old male with no previous mental illness background presented with full-blown manic symptoms following a severe course of COVID-19 infections that required admission.

The patient presented with behavioral disturbance after a diagnosis of COVID-19. He exhibited symptoms including irritability, verbal and physical aggressiveness, increased goal-directed activity, elated and expansive mood, increased energy, grandiosity and inflated self-esteem, and decreased need for sleep.

With the diagnosis of bipolar I disorder, current manic episode, severe, with psychotic feature, and first manic episode due to COVID-19 infection, he was admitted to the psychiatry emergency ward. By day 21, after treatment, he was discharged from the hospital with full improvement. 

This case presents an Ethiopian Perspective. Similar cases were described for a 44-year old Polish man with no psychiatric history and another healthy 51-year old Chinese male

A study of more than 11 million people shows a 60% increase for mental health disorders up to 1 year after having COVID-19. Another study of more than 11 million people suggests that mental health conditions could be among the growing list of symptoms associated with long COVID.


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